About Sumavision

About Sumavision :

Sumavision technologies group as one of the very first digital video technologies service platform company was jointly established by Tsinghua Science Park and core team in 2000, and later listed at SHENZHEN stock exchange market with code “300079”. 

Sumavision is committed to video, encryption, quantum, AI technology and other fields; to follow with the trend of the times, to undergo five strategic development stages, to adhere to steady operation, continuous innovation, and active cooperation. In the business field of broadcasting, telecom, enterprises and national defense and so on, we have built a platform-wide services solution, and took the lead.


  • High-technologies

    High-technologies business is the core business of sumavision group. It consists of DTV head-end, IPTV/OTT head-end,broadband network and IPTV/OTT terminal business part.The whole system can provide end-to-end solutions for users.

  • Online Finance

    Sumavision is the first manufacturer in the industry to obtain Internet payment and digital television payment licenses in China.It can provide financial services such as financial payment, account trusteeship, investment and financial management for small and micro enterprises, financial institutions, industry customers and investors.

  • Investment And Acquisition

    Sumavision uses strict investment attitude, professional investment idea and continuous innovation spirit to help the enterprise gain the return on investment in the process of growth.

  • Film And Television Production

    Perfect sky create a comprehensive film and television media company with investment, production and distribution, entertainment and integrated marketing.

  • Film And Television Works

    Content Provider with more than 20 latest films including “The House That Never Dies”,“The Mysteries Family”,”Girls 2” Etc.



Sumavision HEVC Ultra-HD solution can support both hardware and software 4K encoding or transcoding. It's a good choice for operators.

IP Video

Sumavision IP video platform to meet the needs of operators to develop all-IP video services, including traditional video services and rich value-added services, set off business.


Sumavision R-CCAP solution can provide abundant bandwidth and high QoS without changing the existing coax network based on DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS3.1.


Sumavision has developed complete series OLT and ONU meeting the mainstream needs and Sumavision is also ready to provide customized function or service...

DVB and IPTV/OTT Security

Sumavision StreamGuard security products provide end to end security solutions for digital TV operators. Ensure that the Liner and on-demand service...


Sumavision EMR can support any input, any processing and any output in DTV industry. EMR is a modular designed product with hundreds of functional cards.

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